Technology partner of LOCTITE® TEROSON
in Shipbuilding and Ship Repair Industries on The North-West Region of Russia


About company

R&PC “Altech” delivers protective polyurethane coatings and sealants of domestic production; Henkel Loctite/Teroson adhesives, sealants and repair compounds to enterprises of shipbuilding, power, machine building and other industries. Cooperation with industrial enterprises, design offices, scientific research institutes, as well as high qualification of our experts enables us to select materials and technologies according to the customer’s technical assignment.

We offer manufacture and delivery of urethane prepolymers based on simple polyethers with various contents of NCO-groups: SKU-PFL-100, SKU-PFL-74, SKU-PFL-65, SKU-PPL, ELASTFOR (analogue of TRIFOR).

Based on these prepolymers, we make products operated in various environments, in conditions of intensive abrasive and hydro abrasive wear, high mechanical loads; manufacture a number of reliable and efficient roofing, anticorrosive, waterproofing and sealing polymeric two-component compositions having all advantages of urethane elastomers.

The compositions offered are used as polymeric adhesive substance in industry, in road construction and bridge building, as well as for manufacturing self-leveling floors, gluing of isolation or decorative finishing materials.

Within last six years we have carried out programs to introduce Henkel Loctite, Teroson products to shipbuilding, machine building and power enterprises. With our participation, material tests were performed in the laboratory of the Central Research Institute of Shipbuilding Technology (CSRIST), and the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping Certificates on typical approval have been obtained. Together with the specialized enterprises, R&PC “Altech” carried out sanitary-chemical and toxicological tests of the said materials, according to the results of which sanitary-and-epidemiologic conclusions on the use of these materials on civil ships have been obtained.

    The basic fields of using materials and technologies offered by us:
  • Sealing of connections and welds of metal and plastic structures, joints of rubber plates, painted and revetted surfaces, with a possibility of painting;
  • Elastic bonding of metals, rubbers and plastics;
  • Bonding (mounting) of non-opening windows in railway cars, ships, transport vehicles;
  • Gluing of parts made of various materials - metals, glass, rubber, plastics - in various combinations and with high mechanical strength
  • Epoxy compounds with alumoceramics filling - protection against corrosion, cavitation and abrasive wear;
  • Metal-filled polymeric compounds - repair and reconditioning of metal units;
  • Fixing and sealing of metric and pipe threaded connections;
  • Gasket forming – sealing of flanged pipeline connections for steam, oil, water fitting;
  • Shaft - bushing fixing of cylindrical and tapered connections;
    Based on our experience, we adhere to the following pattern of cooperation with technical services of enterprises:
  • Acquaintance with distinctive features of the enterprise’s technology and equipment in order to select the necessary materials exactly;
  • Theoretical and practical training of staff on site in use of the materials supplied;
  • Technical support which includes advising with submittal of the necessary technical documentation
    We guarantee the following to enterprises’ supply services:
  • Delivery of high quality products meeting the manufacturer’s requirements, accompanied with necessary certificates and passports. Permits of the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping and customer’s representative will be enclosed, if needed;
  • Strict observance of contractual obligations on product range, supply dates and terms;
  • Creation and maintenance of a reserve fund at our warehouse for emergency deliveries of materials, if needed